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Welcame to the world standard of adverising box matches

Welcome To The World Standard Of Advertising Matchboxes

"Made in Japan " has become known everywhere as a sign of quality, performance and trust.

Our Japanese advertising matches, manufactured using a refined technique based on TAKUMI spirits together with carefully selected materials, have been the world standard throughout our history of which our 130th anniversary was in 2005.

We account for 50 - 60% of all the advertising matches exported from Japan. Moreover, 65% of products manufactured in our company are exported to the EU, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania etc. They are being used as an important advertising tool all over the world.

We promise to satisfy every customer in the world from our manufacturing base in Kobe, Japan. We achieve this by the inclusion of MAGOKORO, which is a Japanese spirit, excellent technology, carefully selected materials, a highly experienced and motivated workforce and a feeling of gratitude to all our customers everywhere who help us maintain our position as the World Leaders in Advertising Matches. Thank you, danke, merci, grazie, gracias, obrigado, arigatou

TAKUMI = the Japanese spirit of craftsmanship
MAGOKORO = the Japanese spirit of cordiality